• •a dead marine mammal on the beach or in the water;

  • •a marine mammal alive on the shore and unable to return to the water under its own power;

  • •a marine mammal alive on the shore and, although able to return to the water, in need of apparent medical attention;

  • •a marine mammal in the water and cannot return to its natural habitat under its  own power or without assistance.

Marine mammal HARRASSMENT is prohibited by federal law and includes:

  • •acts of pursuit, annoyance, disturbance that might injure or disturb an animal;

  • •touching, feeding, ‘coddling’ or otherwise interacting with the animal;

  • •any act that has the potential to disrupt behavioral patterns such as feeding;

  • •common examples from this region include people pouring water on hauled out seal pups, removing seal pups from the beach, chasing animals in the water, and approaching and/or landing on seal and sea lion haul-out sites.   



To report a marine mammal deceased or in distress please call the WHS Wildlife Center at 360 966 8845. If after hours please leave a message with a phone number where we can call you back.

To report an entangled marine mammal: Call 1-877-SOS-WHALE or 1-877-767-9425 or hail the Coast Guard on VHF Ch.16

To report derelict gear: Call 1-855-542-3935 for WA Department of Fish and Wildlife, or call 360-733-1725 to report derelict gear to Northwest Straits.