Under an authority granted by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), WMMSN does the following:

  • Responds to reports of stranded, distressed or deceased marine mammals

  • Assesses the condition of stranded marine mammals & determines how best to help them

  • Prevents human contact & interference with stranded marine mammals

  • In some cases, careful & safe removal of deceased marine mammals

  • Determines why marine mammals have died, performing necropsies when necessary

  • Determines if stranded/deceased marine mammal poses a biological threat to humans or marine life

  • Educates the public about local marine mammals & how best to cohabitate with them


Volunteer Response

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WMMSN volunteers collect data and samples from stranded deceased marine mammals, investigate and monitor stranded and distressed marine mammals, and help educate the public about how to safely view marine wildlife.

Public Outreach

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WMMSN visits schools and community groups to provide information about "Sharing the Shore" with local marine wildlife.

Whatcom Humane Society Wildlife Center Partnership

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WMMSN and the WHS Northwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center jointly operate a facility dedicated to emergency care for harbor seal pups.